Rise of the Tomb Raider – Prophet's Tomb Walkthrough (Gamescom 2015)

Lara makes her way through the perilous Prophet’s Tomb in this Rise of the Tomb Raider demo from Gamescom 2015.

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  1. everything looks great except the hair i'm sure it will look good on a still or gameplay screenshot but it just moves so slow motion its annoying…….i already pre ordered nonetheless!!

  2. mano, por que os caras nao corrigem coisas simples, ,,,Logo no começo quando ela esta caindo ela usa aquela machadinha, e ja na outra tela ela nao tem a machadinha na mao, ,,

  3. Tomb Raider looks hella sick. She's bad ass. First going to get into Halo 5. Got Star Wars Battlefront coming in November for my PS4. I'm going to be busy playing games until January 2016! Lol!

  4. please say this isnt the final edit… her hair looked very flat, the car cash was not realistic, and considering she was sat down relaxing she managed to have the hook and gun on her belt….hmmm….she soon got over the fact she just got shot at, thrown out a car, and falling off a cliff…hmmm…

    oh my…that secret entrance looked very secret…

    at least this is actually a tomb

    the bigger the scorpion the less poisonous

    Surely as a tomb raider she should be checking all that stuff along the way…hmmm

    really… she is very high up in the mountains, in an old tomb, and hidden under the floor is water – how convenient…

    That final shot is totally taken from indian jones and the temple of doom…

    i think the developers have been very lazy in planning out this level…:-(

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