Need for Speed – Official Gamescom 2015 Trailer

Check out the official Gamescom 2015 trailer for Need for Speed.

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  1. I love this game it looks awesome can't wait for it looks perfect only problem is the that Lamborghini Diablo sounds like a murcielago av that's not how a Diablo sounds like

  2. Thanks for the CGI !
    And the game ?
    How does it look like ?
    It's not that the video is beautiful and all. Now I'm sure that the engine is powerful.
    But what about the game ?

  3. why do they always have these fucking idiot characters? just focus on game play and the game engine, nobody gives a fuck about the stupid story or over acting uninformed douche bags

  4. The NFS I've been waiting for since 2005, but always online is a deal breaker for me. Unless EA have changed their mind about that "feature".

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