Need for Speed Live Action Trailer at Gamescom 2015

Check out this live action of Need for Speed from Gamescom 2015.

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  1. Ken Block uses 4WD car and I am a drifter.. so why will I ever want to impress Ken Block?? I thought this game will be awesome, but the new crew promises much more.. so … bye bye ea

  2. ffs looks like the story will be crap again and similar style to the non existent one from NFS Rivals, just give me a good game like underground 2 or most wanted

  3. The gameplay still looks atrocious with its forced drifting every time you want to use the brakes and turn. How have they not realised yet that their best games, underground 2 and carbon, used a physics system that made the cars handle like you would expect in real life. GTA V has better driving than the past couple of need for speeds. And the fact im seeing people excited for this need for speed worries me more, are they excited for the customisation, the story, the inclusion of icons or (heaven forbid) those driving mechanics?

  4. I guess Im the only one in the world who actually likes the live action cutscenes and the recognition goals of the icons… Im fine with that… I'll be having more fun then.

  5. the least interesting part of need for speed series.. now in bigger quantities. hooray unskippable annoying cheesy cutscenes and idiotic characters in your crew you dont give a damn about.

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