NBA 2K16 – Stephen Curry: Beyond the Shadows

Showcasing some of the first looks at NBA 2K16 gameplay, this trailer chronicles the inspiring history of NBA superstar and cover athlete Steph Curry’s rise to dominance.

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  1. They're not gonna show any 5v5 gameplay because its 2k16 is just as the same as this year's 2k15. Sure theres features, upgraded graphics etc etc. Just no real gameplay, they're gonna make us curious about 2k16 so we're gonna end up buying it to see for ourselves.

  2. 0:55 his jumper animation is better than it was in 2k15, BUT still has some glaring defects. In real life, Curry releases on the way up, not at the peak, and his wrist flick is more violent. Those are things we can fix for ourselves in Edit Roster>Edit Player, though.
    Also, I hope they don't make this playoff hair his default hairstyle. Just like Hockey, some guys let their hair grow and get wild for the playoffs. He aint on lightskin buckwheat mode like this ALL season.

  3. I'll beat all ya'll niggaz in 2K and I'm a girl whaaaat. Ok I'm done. I would love to see him and Shannon Brown go one on one. Or a dunk contest.

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