Left 4 Dead – Zombie Army Trilogy Steam Update Trailer

The entire cast of Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 have been zapped back to World War 2 in this FREE update for Zombie Army Trilogy on Steam!

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  1. Aw dammit. I thought that theres a new map on L4D2 or something. Oh well, a survival horror game with outsider casts is good enough. I hope valve are getting off their lazy behinds by planning for L4D3.

  2. Classic Valve

    Willing to give out the content in crossovers, but not willing to add content to their own game or have other developers do it for them.

    Payday crossover was one sided, Resident Evil 6 crossover was a joke and this is too.

  3. There's a jackoff named Carleton LeGrant who subscribes to this. Don't ever do business with him, he will rip you off. He will tell you he as product 'X', talk you into sending him money, then never follow through. He has done it to me and countless others.

  4. I just beat this game today and it was real fun! I did the entire single player campaign as Coach and it was a challenge. What I didn't like was that in the cutscenes, Nick is treated like the main hero. Um, what? COACH AND I SAVED THE ENTIRE WORLD, NOT YOU!

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