LawBreakers – Announcement Trailer

Take a first look at Lawbreakers, a first-person shooter from Gears of War developer Cliff Bleszinski.

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  1. Haha these comments are hilarious btw! I'm Helen, I play the female character.. This commercial was so fun to make & the people who crafted our suits were next level! Lots of thought put into it so I don't doubt for a second this is a rad, well thought out game.. ig: @helenofjoy

  2. "you either uphold the law… or you break it" well yeah i mean thats how it works. you either drink water or you dont. you either wear clothes or live as a nudist. its pretty damn binary

  3. why would the moon blowing up create an earthquake that wipes out the planet…? surely debris and metor showers from the moon would do a better job?

    i want to say if there was an explosion from the moon powerful enough to cause an apocalyptic earthquake on earth, wouldnt the earth just shatter and get its orbit messed up…?

  4. I guess now everyone knows that LawBreakers was already in dev. before Overwatch came out or was announced. So gtfo everyone who says Lawbreakers is a rip off of Overwatch. Better keep a eye on that Overwatch is a copy of TF2

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