Kevin Owens Entrance Trailer – WWE 2K16

Check out Kevin Owens entrance from WWE 2K16.

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  1. I hate the whole new kick out system and grappling I miss the good ol press all the buttons as fast as you can so you kick out now I can't even play a match more the 2min without getting pinned

  2. The Creators are still lazy with the commentators and Announcers sigh maybe boycotting this game will get them to add more than Cole and King

  3. It's funny how the internet "wrestling" fans these days are never happy. The game looks great, in my opinion. I've been watching WWE since the Attitude Era. I really don't like complaining about the product. I love what WWE has in store for our entertainment. Some "wrestling" fans should know that even tho you like or dislike the diva or superstar, at least show respect. They risk their lives for our entertainment nearly everyday. There's no off season in the WWE or in any other wrestling company. They put their body on the line just for our entertainment. It's sad to see what the "WWE Universe" has come to. We've turned into hypocrites.

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