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How Destiny's Faults Shaped The Taken King

Some of Bungie’s lead developers behind Destiny talk about the evolution of the game, what it’s like to hear feedback on the inside of the studio, and how they are using that feedback to shape The Taken King.

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  1. Destiny is like an abusive relationship. You spend a shit ton of time with it, then it asks you for money all the time and punches you in the throat now and then…

  2. i would like to know what these "developers" are reading because this game was shit when it came, is shit now and will always be shit forever. spend $80 or $60 or $40 for Taken King are you serious fuck you guys that money will go to something I'll actually use like shoes or some shirts. For the suckers that bought this DLC I say, "suck it" because Bungie just stole your money for a game that had no, has no, and will have no story

  3. Jeesh, Nintendo launched games with without a yearlong beta. This game is no longer worth it, I know fanboys will grief me but, oh well. especially when they rip its guts out due to legal issues that were mounting right before the scrapped 2013 launch.

  4. I kinda wish that they pushed the game more towards the MMO standpoint, while still having an fps feel. People playing WOW have logged thousands + hours because you can do hundreds of things in one area instead of repeating the same quest/bounties 30 times and getting sick of it. Also i wish you can have your main class, then a subclass being like an engineer who can build weapons for friends, so everyone would want to be friends with an enchanter who can put abilities on weapons or technician who can add cool effects on spaceships/sparrows. Having more of a use for glimmer would also add incentive to have a marketplace so you could sell resources and weapons so you could level up your Subclass. Destiny has so much potential to be the best game, just they focused to much on graphics and having an allstar cast instead of quality of game play. I have tons of fun leveling up my character but it seems like it ends way to early, It would be cool to see the subclasses i talked about being leveled up and resource finding being leveled up so that even when i max out my character there are still so many things to do to become the best. Also there would be a reason for me to keep playing when i have reached the top level so i could help out my friends by making them cool looking weapons and helping them upgrade their own gear.

  5. Bungie logic "we fucked up with the vanilla version of destiny and both the first dlcs, let's go ahead and charge 40$ for us to fix all the things we messed up. Oh and let's make sure they purchased both previous dlcs in order to buy our fixed version of the game, yeah that'll milk their money dry"

  6. Ah, Destiny.. While TTK has vastly improved it, it's NOTHING compared to what it could have been. And it's all because of Activision. The story was originally much more dynamic, and it would end where you basically went inside and KILLED the traveller, and you would end up having to go to the Reef (The social hub was actually shown in beta builds of the game) due to the tower not being safe anymore. The AI would have also been more dynamic and could put up a decent fight, there would be trading, gambling… But due to the demands and harsh conditions of Activision, major parts of the game were cut up and sold as DLC, and it also led to many employees leaving Bungie.

  7. I hear there are people complaining. Well to all those people the rat lever is gone and you just plain get your treat too bad those on xbox can't fully enjoy it or to those people that love complaining is there not enough number 7 in your 7 anyway If you guess which experiment I'm quoting bonus points for you 😀 !

  8. This whole comment section is people bitching about what he said about masterchief. Listen. It's his opinion. Like Master Chief is better is your opinion. I'm sorry but get over it. You sound like 10 year olds

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