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How Destiny: The Taken King Changes The Crucible

Bungie design lead Lars Bakken talks about the team’s approach to the crucible in Destiny’s second year and how things will be changing for fans.

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  1. “CRUCIBLE isn’t a pit. CRUCIBLE is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail, and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but refuse. They cling to the TOWER, or PATROL , or the STORY …illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is. But they’ll never know this. Not until it’s too late.” – Littlefinger

  2. I thought it was a miracle the other day I was in a pvp match and everyone was using mida or vex or legendary auto rifles it was probably the best match I have ever played

  3. "God damn thorn when's that changing, ITS CHANGING" yeah but its too late now no one likes crucible anymore (well some do but they aren't the sort of people you need in your life)

  4. Don't like Shaxx Iron Banner is my PvP thing, more elitist and organised feel to it. Oh and Blink isn't OP it's kinda UP if honoust. Also guys what is relaxing in just trying to play Crucible, like everywhere Titans, Bladedancers and Voidwalkers in Year One using shotguns and handcannons waiting to rush heavy ammo with supers ready, but shit it is

  5. pvp was always frustrating but when u learn to have fun and not rage after every thorn, felwinter,  or blink death it will be a way better experience.

  6. bro that hunter jump roll now that I think about it ….if you though blink was to OP I think this is going to be the next blink I mean it will help you have a huge advantage in pvp by using it to evade and close the gap to shotgun even more then blink

  7. yeah you better not fuck up blink it's fine how it is …and yeah I'm glad thorn is getting a nerf but if you nerf thorn last word better be nerfed also …and to all if you crying for the thorn and blink nerfs I'm stating right now there will be a a few new weapons to take there spot … I mean at suros it was too dog then everyone bitched and complained and it became shit ,next was the vex mythoclast was top dog the fucked up because of all the cry babies …this better be the last time bungie fucks up the weapons because in this community there will always be a good amount of players bitching to get the game balanced to a point were we all are using the same weapons and wanting to have special and heavy weapons become a pick up point on the map…so seriously bungie stop nerfing guns because people lean towards one paticular gun

  8. hopefully they change the host lag switch tuff in this expansion. dower lag and glitching and host advantage hurts pvp greatly. Bungie has more than enough money to get servers so you pay off of your connection to the server not everyone pays off of your server giving them an incredible advantage over others

  9. my big want for crucible is for a better matchmaking system. it doesn't feel like they even made the effort to date in that department. it's annoying how some games you are paired up against players who have never held a controller then the next you are plying against a team that only plays pvp 24/7. they don't even seem to make an effort to try and pair your stats with people even close to your own.

  10. look I have a problem with my playstation 3 An update of destiny I lay to download and then tells me that was a problem nose if it is the problem of my game play or clean the disc and please respond

  11. To all of the retards who keep saying "you're paying for cut content, wah waaaah"
    Oh no, they had map placeholders, woop de fucking doo.
    If you watch some of the old videos of these DLC areas being glitched into, the map they glitched into was completely different from the final product.
    If you don't like Destiny, why are you here, on countless Destiny videos wasting everyones time with your complaining. The game is at a great point at the moment and they really are slowly improving and fixing everything wrong with the game. If the last time you played was vanilla Destiny, I recommend you put it back in your console and give it a go now just before TTK releases tomorrow.
    Our 2.0 patch, which was 18gb was a small update compared to the 60gb of data that is TTK on next gen or 30gb on old gen. They have literally went through every fault over the past year and have gotten rid of them, PVP is now balanced as hell and fun, they are making quests to fix old story content and all new content will be extremely story driven.

    I'm one of those players who complained every single patch, every single update and every single DLC because the game had huge potential and the community was huge. This is the first game of its kind on console and its a learning experience for everyone over at Bungie.
    Honestly, its a different game now, stop living in the past and if you still want to bitch and complain, shut the fuck up, wipe the salt from your eyes and go play your stupid Wii U.

  12. If Bungie keeps making the game THEY want instead of the game the PLAYERS want. They are going to keep losing players until they have to pay for their own game.

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