Homefront: The Revolution "Thank You" Trailer – Gamescom 2015

Take a look at the CGI trailer for Homefront: The Revolution that was shown at Gamescom 2015.

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  1. remember when this game was something to look forward to. then it came out . and we all want our money back. we should start our own revolution and stop buying these piece of shit games and allowing ourselves to be robbed of our hard earned money. 60$ in the USA and 100$ in other countries for a still broken piece of shit game. no game should at this point have a silent protagonist. no game should have u stable frame rate issues or auto saves every time you shoot a bullet which freezes the game. no game should say it takes place in a city that looks nothing like the city it takes place in alternative timelines or not. no game should be this broken. there is no excuse push it back. this should be our last straw for being ripped off by developers and greedy companies. every single one of those companies were literally made by us for buying their products. no more. stop preordering. stop buying games we know will be bad or hope will be good. let's get quality back and stop getting ripped off.

  2. waited five bloody years for this game that what happen when you wait that long to release a sequel you lost track of WTF you are suppose to do lol….

  3. This should be the end of a movie
    About North Korea invading America
    It'd be a powerful and depressing ending
    But it'd be a fucking good one

  4. The speech genius the game genius the tag line awesome the game is basically a modern American revolution but instead of the British it’s the kpa the game is genius

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