For Honor "Vision" Trailer – Gamescom 2015

Get a behind the scenes look at For Honor from the Ubisoft Montreal team.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to this but am I the only one wondering why they think they are inventing a new genre. Seems like the same genre as Mount&Blade, Chivalry, WarOfTheRoses etc.

  2. The fact that they quoted Hanko Dobringer in the opening of the vid gives me hope…

    Obviously they had to do their homework to even know who Dobringer is.

  3. This screams passion!
    Can't wait!

    Hope to see other fighters as DLC though!

    Native Americans

    This is the ultimate version of Deadliest Warrior!

  4. Looks interesting. But oh well, as soon and I discover it's published by Ubisoft my hype is gone. Remember guys, be smart, DON'T PRE-ORDER.

  5. The gameplay looks really boring. Contrary to what they say, this looks like button mashing. I bet this won't be even close to Blade Symphony.

  6. VandenBerghe's excitement for this game is infectious. I cannot wait to get my hands on this beast next year it looks really promising.

  7. I think the small battles and the lock on combat is going be a detriment to this game, I don't see why the lock on mechanic needs to exist, its only going to take  away from a large part of combat, which is fighting more than one person at a time, which will drastically change how you go about the fight. im imagining M&B in my head, and the large battles with over 90 ppl, where you regularly fight  groups of 5 or 6 people, sometimes by yourself. its such a huge thrill that I think this game is going to miss out on.

    This is all speculation though, im probly going to be watching this game and more than likely buying it and hopefully my fears are unwarranted

    Viking if you can dual wield axes
    Knight if you cant

  8. Couple things…Get rid of all the flashy lights and decals above everyone's head, and God forbid someone's sword GLOWS at any point in time. Strive for realism in those areas.

    Next, some of the movements are too quick, especially where the armor-wearing knights are concerned. Slow them down…They're wearing 100 lbs of armor for pete's sake. Also, there's no way they could poke a fully-grown man with their sword and then fling him 7 feet to the side.

    Other than that, glad to see so much care going into the game!

  9. i hate when developers try/forced to sound like the are creating the best thing since crack, mount and blade has this combat system in a more simple form but they don't jerk themselves about their game mechanics and call it a trailer. let the game speak for itself

  10. I really hope the game turns out good. Also they're a bit wrong that there isn't a game with mechanics like that. For those of you that don't know, Mount & Blade, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and a game I played around 15 years ago, forgot the name by now, have very similar mechanics where you choose the attack direction, except there's no auto-lock so its more fun and harder, but they're meant to be played in first person mainly. Obviously they aren't exactly the same as for honor, but they're similar. The trailer is good, I just don't want the bots to be too stupid and just standing there 95% of the time waiting for you to kill them.

  11. I'm not bout that Samurai life. Idk why. I'm not even hyped or impressed by them anymore lol. Vikings all day.

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