Doom Gameplay Trailer – Gamescom 2015

Check out the Gamescom 2015 gameplay trailer for Doom.

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  1. I think we should all thank Sgt for making Brutal Doom, DOOM would not be the scale it is and would've been a shitty sequel that we saw in a leaked trailer

  2. I like how at one point we didn't care about star wars games, Doom, and wolfenstein but instead we had COD and AC. Now we hate COD and AC so much that we want star wars, doom, and wolfenstein reboots

    *I know we always wanted battlefront, I was meaning the games they kept on making that we didn't want.

  3. This now feels like a real Doom. Even though I loved Doom 3, it was more of an horror game. I just hope that the execution cut scenes aren't too bothersome and that you can hold all the weapons at once. Don't want to repeat what happened to Duke Nukem.

  4. Where are the colors? Where are the rooms full of monsters? What the fuck is this? If I wanted Doom 3.5 i'd just mod the damn Doom 3. WHAT THE FUCK ID, THIS ISNT A REBOOT OF THE SERIES, THIS IS FUCKING CRAP.

  5. I can't describe my happiness seeing how the new "Doom" doesn't even try to pretend to be a survival horror game. It's simply like the first two games, but audiovisually adapted to the times we live in. If only the music could be metal…

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