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Destiny: The Taken King's New Approach To Storytelling

Creative director Luke Smith and executive producer Mark Noseworthy talk about the lessons from Destiny’s past, the importance of Cayde-6 in The Taken King, and how and why they’ve changed Ghost.

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  1. I like how every comment is basically saying how what they said in this video, and Destiny itself is garbage. Honestly. If you don't like the game, you don't have to watch the videos or play it.

  2. I simply cant believe these guys anymore. First, they completely disappointed in the MMO RPG genre and afterwards they want more money for the content they promised was already in the game at the beginning!!

    I dont want to be rude but for a 500MILLION budget they did terribly wrong.

    Im outta here

  3. how did you have bad storytelling skills? you guy made halo right? did you fire the head writer or something? where ur team that made halo did all of them go to microsoft or leave or something?

  4. From when I first heard about the game I was so excited. Something new and exciting coming from Bungie! I was stoked. But while they did create something somewhat unique it fell off in many aspect and especially in the story. It's not really that hard to create a world and a cohesive story within a FPS or an RPG, like they say in this video. Borderlands did an amazing job at that even with it being minimal in the first game. They have the time and resources to do it but they still are taking shortcuts and maybe it was Activision's call and not Bungie, I don't know. I can't say much more given I haven't played the Taken King yet but I won't drop my money until I know it will be worth it. I hope this evolves into something more exciting than year one was.

  5. wow, paid 60$ yesterday for TTK after all the positive review of youtube, and I felt ripped off. 60$ for 5 awesome looking CG cutscenes which little story progression and one the most underwhelming boss battle in video games ever, exactly the same as all the other boss battles in the game. And there I thought we are being any steps closer to the Destiny we were promised in 2013. That's it Activision and Bungie. I will probably purchase Destiny 10 years later when I can swoop up 500 fun-size expansions packs for an affordable price just to see how the space fantasy comes along.

  6. What would make these characters actually more interesting and immersive, is if you could do what Cayde keeps asking you over and over again, BRING THEM WITH YOU! People complained all the time about matchmaking, so why not do this?

    Doing a Raid? Doing a Campaign Mission and are sick of doing them alone, want at least something to liven things up a little? Okay you have three choices for your fire team.

    – Option 1: Team with Friends
    – Option 2: Queue in Matchmaking (For Raids)
    – Option 3: Choose two NPCs from the tower to come with you, IE: Cayde-6 & Eris could accompany you.

    Each character would be respective of their classes, so Cayde and Eris are both Hunters. They would have of course, Hunter Gear and Abilities and would effectively play like your friends who play the class. This also opens up an ENORMOUS amount of character development for every single NPC you could pull from the Tower. Cayde is hilarious and brings whit and comedy to the battlefield, and Eris would be the much darker, lore-intensive one that would, for those interested, explain events of the past, or better explain lore so you don't have to always go check out the Gremoire cards.

    And let's say Bungie decided to really actually get creative, each of the campaign missions could effectively have cut scenes altered based on who you had with you. If you're alone? Vanilla cut scene. Have Cayde with you? He probably makes some snarky, whitty comment talking with the Ghost, have Eris with you too? Imagine the hilarity of those two bickering back and forth? Damn I'd be punching my money through my monitor right about now if that was the case.

    The problem with Destiny that I've had with it since day 1 is the same I have with it now, that Bungie just does not seem to be trying at all hard at making this game more immersive, the characters more personable or likable, or to really flush out the story as part of the game itself. If they could fix that, this game would be fucking epic.

  7. "We heard you were all upset about how shitty we made the game. So to make up for our fuck-up, please pay us more money to give you what should have been shipped out a year ago."

  8. Fuck off Bungie you lying greedy scum-bags.

    You took the most promising new game franchise in the world and turned it into a fuckin' slot machine

    You sold out!




  9. Easiest way to make destiny better look at Mass effect take that planet discovering/exploration, lots of cut scenes and a diverse race of aliens both friend and foe.

  10. So I'm guessing Activision owns Game Informer now? It's the only reason I can come up with for how you can't get their dick out of your mouths. How about you do a story on how Vanilla players were treated not only throughout the past year, but now with TTK being released if you didn't buy it then half the game is unplayable to you. So if I don't want to spend 40$ more, equaling 130$, then I don't get a game!? 90 fuckin dollars doesn't earn me the right to even a nightfal!? Disgusting practices made even more disgusting by the fact that journalists won't do their damn jobs, instead it looks like Bungie made a video and sent it to you. Disgusting.

  11. fuck off bungie, im never buying another game from you again, you stopped milking an actual playable universe just to create another one with 0 context and story, nothing to create immersion, no fluidity, a total fucking grinder. I was grinding just so I could get the right gear to be able to play the fucking game, never have I seen a game stop player progression so much as destiny, you want to play the next level? Play the previous one another 10 times and pray you get better boots you fuck. Piss. Off. Your DLC was a joke, it should've been included in the first release, and now you have the nerve to release a DLC which costs as much as the actual game and say the game is NOW complete? I watched gameplay, you didn't change shit, it's still the same fuckfest of seclusion, a grand middle finger to all the people out there who just want to sit down and play a game without the hassle of having to party up with a bunch of 16 year olds.

  12. if oryx already controls the hive, then why are there taken hive? because they took all the year one enemies and painted them black. story is good but still short as hell. 20 to 30 different quests and a new raid is not worth 40 dollars. how about 300 missions like bethesdas skyrim and fallout? there are so many things wrong with destiny that i can write a book.

  13. everyone here who came to this should back off! why would u go here and talk crap about it knowing u hate it?! what's the fun and point in that?! destiny is an amazing game so just stop judging! I know it's everyone's opinion but what's the point of making every single destiny fan out there scared to comment because they don't wanna hear u guys talking crap like seriously.

  14. You get half a game then have to buy 2 DLCs for the rest of it, then if you don't buy TTK they take a lot of the game away from you and leave you with the scraps. Stretching this out as much as the can to rip off the Gamers. Screwed up the bounties as well for what ! Bungie has just become Activisions whore and have lost all the cred they have gained with HALO, No wonder so many of there staff have quit in disgust, heard it's not a good Company to work for anymore. I have soooooo much better things to wast my time and money on. Ta ta Bungie !

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