Total War: Warhammer – Karl Franz of the Empire Trailer

Take a look at this cinematic trailer, rendered in-engine, that introduces Karl Franz of the Empire.

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  1. mannnn huge difference from the Cathay trailer

    Cathay was just bragging (typical for Mainalnd China simping)

    but this. this is fucking inspirational

    Faith, Steel and Gunpowder motherfuckers

  2. 1. The orcs rush to close the distance and their giant survives the hammering from empire artillery just because of how much cheap infantry the orcs brought
    2. the lines clash and the demigriff riders come out of hiding to flank the orc lines and make them blob closer to the giant, the giant is given a wide berth by the empire halbrediers
    3. The wizard hits the giant and the nearby orcs with an overcharged spell and the warboss arrives too late to stop him
    4. Karl Franz arrives to help the halbrediers mob the orc warboss (your single entities absorb attacks from other single entities that would normally send infantry flying)

    Great example of putting game play elements into a trailer while keeping the tension high

  3. Karl Franz: hah hah look at Kislev and Cathay fight horrible demons- wait a minute the Empire is on the map….. NOW WE UNITE! SUMMON THE ELECTOR COUNTS

  4. Kislev: speaks exaggerated Russian accent
    Cathay: speaks exaggerated Chinese accent
    Bretonnia: speaks exaggerated French accent


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