New PS4 Model; PewDiePie’s Earnings Revealed! – GS Daily News

Fallout 4 will benefit from Skyrim’s bugs says Bethesda, PewDiePie made a TON of money last year, and find out what’s inside the fancy new PS4 model!

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  1. There was the Markarth guard glitch in Skyrim which meant you couldn't go into the city without every guard trying to send you to the mines and attacking you.
    In New Vegas, during the last story quest, I had to leave the dam to get ammo but you couldn't get back in. #BethesdaBugs

  2. The biggest skyrim bug was when i ran in to an elder dragon and it looked like it had skineded itself and had no textures except for a patch of fur

  3. Well, you certainly are Journalists, GameSpot. You know gaming journalism exists when the same tabloid horseshit of "who is making how much money" transcends. How much money he makes is his fucking business, no matter what you think about him. What a typical bullshit news story.

  4. HAHAHAH! You guys actually believe Express. I live in sweden, and Express is know for telling lies. Especially on the internet. SO FUCKING FUNNY! Hahaha. 
    Like that time when a swedish, hated, politician died in England in a gang war. But was fine the day after. 
    Or when the Queen of england came to Sweden just to greet our king. YEAH. I don't believe them. Not the LEAST!

  5. My buggiest moment in skyrim was when kharjo (the follower I had at the time) was stuck in shadowmere so whenever he attacked he attacked shadowmere

  6. He makes that much money and his setup… Well, looks like I could almost afford by saving couple months.

    Not that I've seen his PC specs though

  7. i dot geht all these haters of pewdiepie saying he did not aerned this money. he worked hard for his succes and he also donates alot of the money

  8. I loved Skyrim. But I don't believe that fallout 4 would be less buggy then all the other games. But I would like to be wrong on this 🙂

  9. Why does everyone keep insisting on knowing what PewDiePie earns? You don't do it with other YouTubers, at least nowhere near to the extent you do with him. We know he makes a lot, and that he does donate a lot of it to charity. He's clearly uncomfortable with talking about it as he has stated and indicated many, many times in the past. So why can't people just leave him be? You don't insist on knowing how much any other entertainers make, like stand up comedians or the Kardashians or anyone else. Just the only guy who is really uncomfortable with his finances being discussed. It's just being a flat out cunt when you keep trying to do that to a person just because they're popular.

  10. Fallout new Vegas I was killing deathclaws and caesars legion but when they died there limbs extended in every direction and some of them were unsearchable

  11. One time in Skyrim I saw a character who had supposedly died in the Companions questline walking around… naked… and halfway in the ground.

  12. i subbed to gamespot for gaming news, reviews and other VIDEO GAMES RELATED stuff… How much money PEWDIEPIE makes does not interest me at all, and that's not gaming news… I bet i'm not the only one with such an opinion…

  13. In Fallout 3 a deathclaw kept rocketing to space, spawning back to Earth, and immediately rocket back to space.

  14. Fallout 3 and New Vegas were buggy….UNDERSTATEMENT!
    I couldn't play that game on my PC no matter what I tried. Fallout 4, not going to follow all the hype.
    PewDiePie earns in 8 figures in his country. This world is either full of morons or a significant proportion is depressed enough to cling to base humour.

  15. Who the F cares how much this pewdieshit makes, really com on and I still don't understand why some people watch him. His content is garbage.

  16. Bethesda deals with bugs by letting their real talent fix it: the modding community. They threw patch crumbs at the 360 and pretty much told PS3 to go fuck themselves. Bethesda has always made broken games — it's their thing.

  17. Felix (that's his name) is my idol. I watch him everyday. I bet you guys dos not know most that money he donates to charity. I find it sad you guys Care more about what he makes them himself!

  18. I love the New Vegas bug I saw on YT where it's the opening scene in the doctor's house except the doctor is levitating and his head is revolving around in a circle

  19. Idiots, im not even pewdiepie fan but atleast show respect for the man why you have to reveal? Oh i know for views and lack of news. Gayspot

  20. THIS IS FAKE ONCE YOU JOIN A YOUTUBE NETWORK (something you join with other youtubers to get paid such as machinima,tgn etc.) In the contract it says you cannot discuss or revel the amount you get paid. Neither can the employees if they di they get a lawsuit. If you reveal money you get banned from the community and wont be making qulity content anymore. SO not making money.

  21. pewdiepies monetary imbalance is a good example of why this world is so fucked up. He's a fking idiot tbh, and that doesn't say much for his fans.

  22. Pewdiepie is a good guy. I don't watch his videos but I don't hate him, but with the amount of money he's making you have to think that he's giving some of it to charity

  23. my oddest skyrim bug happened just a few week ago. i was wandering through whiterun and immediately noticed it was void of NPC's  while walking up the stairs next to the market i noticed a group of NPC's high in the sky. i stopped and looked up and around and all of the NPC's of whiterun were roaming around in the clouds XD.

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