Fallout 4 Gets New Details At Quakecon – GS News Update

New details on companions, perks, and more were revealed for Fallout 4 at this year’s Quakecon.

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    Sorry it just pisses me off that people assume
    "Oh there's a dog called Dogmeat in other fallout games, therefore this one is called Dogmeat"
    All I see is the npc tag saying "dog"

  2. I had a dream last night that I was eating half a pound of marshmallows. And when I woke up this morning , Half my pillow was missing.

  3. Why the hell didn't the livestream start during the demo? Bethesda and QuakeCon's website stated that there was going to be a livestream…

  4. Gamespot's coverage of Fallout 4 news has been shoddy and lazy compared to amateur videos on Youtube and Gameinformer. Really lacking. Slow on info and waaay not enough info.

  5. I still fimd it weird that you can model both the Man and Woman, with them going so far as to generate what the baby looks like, just for them to seemingly be killed off. Maybe someone will release a mod for it or something. Also, it doesn't need it, but co-op would be pretty fun.

  6. At 0:17, the way she says "Which is definitely something we needed to know." sounds so condescending it mildly irked me for some reason. They're just trying to show how they went about making the game content more believable. And I rue the day game devs will not want to do that.

  7. Holy shit … talk about late to the party. This stuff has been reported on days ago by other sources. 

       Keep up the late work, GameSpot

  8. I don't know if fallout really needs a Romance system, I never once said to me self "This game would be so so much better if I could romance Jane Such-and-such." Fallout has never needed it and most likely doesn't need it now…..IMO it seems a bit gimmicky.

  9. All this crying about religion, Fallout 4 will be amazing. The only game I want to play. Just a lil bummed I didn't get the Pip Boy edition. I fell in love with 3, can't wait to do it again with 4! Who's with me?!

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