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An Epic Return: The Music And Sound Of Halo 5

Halo 5: Guardians audio director Sotaro Tojima and composer Kazuma Jinnouchi delve into the challenges of balancing the classic Bungie music with new material, and the many techniques that go into making the combat audio more immersive.

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  1. Ground pound feels so out of place in this game. They need to add another squeaky noise effect upon impact. That way the player loses all sense of the immense weight these Spartans are carrying around. The "pop" that occurs after every kill is cute, very fitting in such a violent world. I think there should be a squeaky sound effect after every footstep taken just in case someone accidentally gets close to feeling badass.

  2. I like how all the best things of halo are coming to halo 5. The music in halo 4 should of had more halo'ee vibe than, whatever 343I thought they would get.

  3. So what the fuck about my Rock anthem for saving the world?
    All I hear is shit about synthesizers what about the 80's vibe rock and somewhat tribal upbeats?

  4. I really liked the Halo 4 menu theme, but I missed the classic theme as well. The classic did fit the older games better because they had a more ancient themed art design while the 343 games have a more modern themed art design

  5. While Halo 4 OST was completely different from any other game, it still had some incredible tracks, Green & Blue, Requiem, Arrival, and 117 were amazing.

  6. It's a pity that Marty O'donnell isn't doing the OST but these guys seem to know what they're doing. Neil Davidge's halo 4 soundtrack sounded nothing like halo. It's good to have new composers who actually recognise the original soundtrack

  7. WAIT. What? Did he say that they got shot at to capture good hit (edit: bullet fly by) sounds? Am I interpreting that statement correctly?? 2:55

  8. A bit off-topic note, but I really do not like the fact that they seem to use the same Elite/remnant look for Arbiter's gang as they did in Halo 4 for the Storm Faction. 

    I am completely okay with the faction's appearance being unique but its just plain stupid decision to make the whole race have the same looks and even armoring (as far as I've seen) ignoring the previous Halo titles. Glad they're speaking English again at least. And the music seems to be heading to the right direction!

  9. halo 4s soundtrack was ok but it didn't feel like halo, I'm happy that they're trying to keep with bungies old soundtrack base

  10. Hopefully they'll bring some legendary tracks back and not just the main theme! H4 had a great soundtrack but it's not Halo and it's not memorable. Whenever I listen to Halo's soundtracks I can remember what part of the games it appeared in.

    But something 343 nailed was the gun sounds, they sound powerful and scary, if you listen to guns in Halo 3 and 2 they sounded like children toys pew pew pew so baaaad. Halo 5 is going to have badass sound again.

  11. The classic Halo music is finally back… not to mention the Aliens can speak English again… which was nice, grunts are funny. It looks like 343 really took it upon themselves to make a proper Halo game again.

  12. Honestly, campaign was admittedly disappointing. Overall good story, but the others are much better. The end didn't feel very rewarding. On the other hand, you guys destroyed my expectations with multiplayer. It was amazing, fast, fun, and most of all, balanced. Really shows that you're learning and improving. Keep it going, 343.

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