5 Must-Have Witcher 3 PC Mods – The Gist

Even though CD Projekt RED haven’t released official modding tools for The Witcher 3 yet, here are a bunch you should still definitely install.

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  1. Here is a must have program. Cheat engine. Give yourself 999999999 crowns, max out all your skills, and hit level 100 in one quest. All that and more can be done with Cheat Engine and best thing is the program works with a ton of other games too.

  2. is that her natural smile cuz it looks like someone taped the ends of her mouth up when she talks and it looks so uncomfortable

  3. Why the over 9000 weight limit mod? Just drink the something decoction that makes you capable of carrying more weight, it lasts long enough for you to do a bunch of shit before finding a vendor to sell the junk. Also, the comment section is proof that most of the witcher community are painfully desperate pervs

  4. now, brothel swap is a must have mod guys you can literally have sex with anyone you want in brothel. Even forbidden love with ciri xD

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