XCOM 2 – Announcement Trailer

Firaxis is back with a host of new alien combatants in XCOM 2.

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  1. Looking back, they did literally everything right with this trailer to get fans excited. But most importantly, all the cool toys and aliens they showed off are actually properly in the game.

  2. nunca voy a olvidar la emocion y ansias que senti al ver este trailer, ver las nuevas clases, el sectoide nuevo, las tropas de ADVENT, recuerdo que en cuanto salio, lo busque desesperado para conseguir, descargandolo pirata, solo para unos meses despues comprarlo en Steam, mas de 200 horas de juego, entre copia y oficial, y no cansa, y con las expaniones y los mods, el juego nunca es igual, honestamente, tiene sus problemas el juego, como todo juego actual y de su tiempo, pero vale la pena jugarlo.

  3. The fact I just finished another Ironman playthrough of this again, out of countless many times, after who knows how many total months to years of playing, really shows the brilliant replay value and fulfillment that got poured into this game. Firaxis and the XCOM series are really the best

  4. Five fucking years ago… I was so damn excited when this trailer hit – it was all my and one of my mates at school were talking about. And the game fucking delivered.
    Here I am, five years later, and I still play XCOM 2. It has genuinely helped get me through some of the shittiest times of my life – my parents separation, losing some of my greatest friends, even two breakups. Not to mention my own mental health dropping down the toilet a fair few times.
    It’s crazy how much this weird tactical sci-fi game has affected me, and I’m intensely grateful for every moment I have had with it. To the game developers, thank you. To the wonderful community, thank you.
    That’s XCOM, baby! Vigilo Confido, Commander.

  5. Just started playing this game last year(2020) and my god its still better than most of the new games that come out, mostly because of the modding community.

  6. Of course how it really would go down is you would accidentally break concealment too early, that officer would mark one of your soldiers, shoot them, then the trooper would score a crit. That sectoid would mind control your ranger after he missed an 87% chance to stab, then there'd be nobody to save you from being squeezed by that viper.

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