Xbox One Backwards Compatible! – E3 2015 Microsoft Press Conference

At the E3 2015 Phil Spencer announces the Xbox One will now be backwards compatible.

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  1. The hype for this feat was so real back in this day, now it's only 2 days away from being available and players are disgusted b/c COD isn't on the first list to be available. Unfortunate for them, but fortunate for those who are excited as hell b/c of the feat. that will be granted to us for those who play causally! Words can't describe how excited I am for this update!

  2. we all know everyone wants the best old games back like mw, mw2 black ops 1-2 etc but if cod actually listened to many of us with a console why cant they re vamp them games keep everything the same expect the graphics and I cam guarantee they would make so much more money off that then the shitty call of dutys being released now! ngl im very disappointed with alot of xbox one games tbh!

  3. someone pls explain to me. so call of duty black ops 1 is coming back to Xbox one.. I used to own it on disc. I don't have it anymore.. so do I have to go buy it on disk? can I buy it on the dashboard? or does it come free?

  4. If only they'd pick up the speed when it comes to adding new games to the BC list. It's still fairly limited and has lots of arcade games in it instead of (AAA) retail games.

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