What NOT to Spend Ability Points On and How to Respec. – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Josh and Andy share what abilities they DON’T recommend and show you how to do a full respec. Jump to 2:35 to see the map location of the merchant who sells the Potion of Clearance.

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  1. Alchemy is the ultimate build in The Witcher 3 , popping three to four decoctions makes you Godly! When you hit blood and wine you'll be happy you put points into potions

  2. As a veteran dark souls player I don’t mind putting all my points into the combat skill tree however the signs are very good when you upgrade them (don’t get me wrong I don’t use igni and aard that much) and potions make death March fell like just the story

  3. I slept on Yrden and how handy it was half way through the game. That shit will at least give you a breather.

  4. Very rarely do I downvote videos.

    If I don't like it I usually leave it alone, but this deserves a downvote.
    Exactly for the misinformation that it has.

    You don't understand the skill tree.

  5. You made a video what to take as skills in Witcher and you say you didn't even know for a long time that the game had the mutagen boosted by skill type mechanic? How could one trust you that now you got the rest of the game mechanics right?

  6. So I started playing Witcher 3 a few days ago got the GOTY edition just hit level 14 and got my Griffin armor crafted at level 11 waiting till 17 to go farm cat school gear diagrams. My question the build I'm aiming for is a all around build I'd like to do a 3 slot for combat, a 3 slot for signs, a 3 slot for alchemy, and a 3 slot with general skills and throw a random mutagen on the general skills. Do you guys think that'll work? I'm just trying to be a all balanced player because I use everything signs, combat, and alchemy.

  7. After my play through of the game I had only added one out of the four extra perk slots you get, mainly sign and attack and I think had a few of the mutagens researched and activated, I get that there’s potions of clearance but a long costly process if you want to play about and see what works better, so I just stuck with what I thought was a decent choice the whole game, that amount of choice seemed wasted on me I just had no patience for it, just like gwent!

  8. I'd say Alchemy skills and decoctions are overpowered and a must in this game. First playthrough I ignored it but second playthrough I got into it and it made the game even more enjoyable.

  9. Hi ik it's been a while since this video was made (6ish years) but is this potion still a thing? and does it return ability points acquired from places of power?

  10. Huh, was wondering why this game looked so different… then I saw the date it was published. Alchemy builds are the most OP now – especially when combined with DLC content and upgrades.

  11. I’m death marching this game is my second playthru.. first was on the ps4 5 years ago now I’m
    Playing on my switch the game was on discount with the dlc so .. it’s plays fine … but it’s definitely more challenging now .. you have to prepare for every fight .. I mean even fighting wolves is challenging and alchemy is a must .. my boy is all juiced up constantly…

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