Ubisoft Press Conference – E3 2015

Join us as we broadcast the Ubisoft Press Conference from E3 2015!

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  1. So in a different video there is information given that this game will include terrorist hunt, which I think is great they brought this back from Rainbow Six Vegas 2, I really hope they listen to the community feedback they got from RSV2 on things they needed to improve.

  2. Anyone else really dislike Aisha Tyler?  She just sounds so dried up and unenthused.  It's like she's trying to pretend she's a gamer, like really straining, but she just can't make herself care.  I really don't understand why they keep bringing her back.

  3. I have to say that this right here is the best time to be a gamer. We have Fallout, Doom, The Division, Horizon, Tomb Raider, No Mans Sky, Star Wars, South Park, Mirrors Edge and an absolute shit tonne more, it's just unbelievable, I for one am fucking stoked. So fucking happy with all these games.

  4. the tom clancy games are now looking better than the COD series, i used to love COD but after mw3 and aw1 and how bo3 looks i think im done with the series its just a generic sci fi shooter now, battlefield 4 was good but hardline is a bit boring, so maybe its time to give clancy a go as it did look great

  5. I liked the sword fighting game but generally I'm not impressed.. I mean the London scenery is cool but enough with the Assassin's Creed already.. Jesus, how many are there now?

    And, enough with the FPS and racing which are two of the most ridiculously played out genres of recent years.. I don't even want a next gen console.. I'm yawning cause I played all this kinda stuff before.. Why would I wanna shell out 500 bucks to play it with slightly better graphics?!?

    And, wheres my favorite Ubisoft series Prince of Persia??!!! Haven't seen it in years now..

  6. I hope they have a version of For Honor where all the NPC's can be players and fight alongside one another like in Battlefield

  7. Jason Derulo's performance was soooo aweful, what a joke! He fck'd up the whole show…god knows how much they paid that talentless douche for that crap for singing.

  8. MULTI PLAYER WITH STRANGERS SUCKS. So all you need as an adult is friends with the same console/game, no life, no work, no family, that are willing to log on exactly when you are. AND 3 FRIENDS TO MAKE A TEAM. Well that makes those cool Tom Clancy games kinda suck. The Division trailer looked better the first time. And people will always turn on each other with a swear fest. Just Cause3 will be better than GR Wild Lands. Siege looks fun but need friends to make it fun. For Honor will be boring without Skyrim First Person archery & spell casting. Meaning it could be better with more than just advanced Skyrim third-person melee. HackNSlash Repeat. South Park WOW then you find out it goes from LOR to Super Heroes was the bigger WOW.

  9. Assassins creed syndicate looks fun and I'm gonna get it cuz I love assassins creed but I really miss the old ones like where it's stuck to the assassins code and stuff they need to make a remastered AC2 or AC1 those are the best in the series to me. Or just make one last AC game a really good one

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