The Last Guardian Gameplay Premiere – E3 2015 Sony Press Conference

Watch the intense world premiere of The Last Guardian from the Sony Press Conference at E3 2015.

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  1. This trailer kinda misses the point of a trailer… feels just awkward. I liked SotC but this isn't giving me a good vibe for the future game :/

  2. My guess is that the Guardian dies at the end. It would keep with the dark and sad themes the other games have. I'm going to have to find out by watching a play-through, since I got an Xbox. Its unfortunate, because there really is no experience like playing one of these games on your own.

  3. Meh. Overall it looks amazing and doesn't seem to play too badly, but I feel like it's quite obvious what they're trying to do here. "Oh hey look, it's a kid and a surprisingly cute giant mutant animal thingy. They will be best friends for their whooooole lives or until one of them eventually dies in the end of the game. Have fun though!"
    I really want to be wrong. They look cool together. I just hope the game isn't all focused on their relationship, let there be a decent bit of lore too.

  4. Wait a minute that animal has broken horns!! I think it's Ico reincarnated!! It has to be there's no other explanation. It would be cool to see for real if it is.


    Should be renamed "Annoying Guardian". If I was the animal, I'd say to him "Can you
    just stfu while you help me, thanks"

  6. this is ….. like the other typical asian freakshows . who's fool enought to pay 60 bucks for this while we have mafia 3 ? ghost recon wildlands and battlefield 1 ?

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