Star Wars Battlefront Survival Mode Gameplay – E3 2015 Sony Press Conference

Watch this Star Wars Battlefront Co-Op gameplay trailer from the Sony Press Conference at E3 2015.

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  1. Really looks like Star Wars and the sound design is really good. Looks like I'm spending a little extra this holiday season to cop this and MGS: Phantom Pain

  2. That actually looks quite interesting, it reminds of in Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron where you can play as a badass trooper and fight off countless enemies solo. But one question though, why is the empire risking all of these troopers, technology, and etc. too take out one or two scouts? But regardless I'm interested in how this will turn out.

  3. I've already got my copy reserved at Target for the day it's released. $1 reservation cards are the best! After they announced the release date I went to target to get smash bros and the battlefront reservations were almost gone. Because it was only a dollar I grabbed a PS4 reservation for myself and an Xbox One reservation for myself! XD He was so happy after. We get into debates about whose console is better but in the end we just play video games…. Because we both also play PC ! XD

  4. all those, saying it wont look like that:
    You guys heard of Physical Based Rendering? A feature now implemented in nearly every Game Engine, allows real time reflections and similar shader effects. This isnt even that new. Google it.. It will look like that for sure. "Gameplay Simulation" because the gameplay is pretty epic and everything, a need for a E3 reveal gameplay trailer, or do you want to see someone glitching in a rock model when sitting at the E3 2015?

  5. I don't know, there is something that really doesn't match the lore. I mean, it's kinda immersion-breaking…

    Those stormtroopers appear to be hitting the player character.

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