Star Wars: Battlefront Stage Show – E3 2015 EA Press Conference

DICE shows gameplay and concept art for the new Battlefront at E3 2015.

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  1. So my question is will they have a created player mode will you be able to make your own lightsaber things like that because that would be pretty awesome if you could

  2. this makes me rethink they made the star wars for fans and put a high price on it now some of starwars fans are u know kind of well u get the point if EA is going to put they should do it in a low price

  3. Remember the fierce competition between Halo and CoD ? (Even though Halo kicked CoDs ass from the start) Well I see a new competition between Star Wars BattleFront and Fallout beginning and lasting the rest of this decade and maybe half way through the 20's

  4. this game has changed since my first experience from the renegade squadron 

    -will there be a DLC for force awakens?  :3

  5. oh my god i remember this game was the shit back in the day ahhh the good old days where you dont here 10 year old kids yell out the n word on xbox.

  6. It kinda looks like battlefield with a starwars skin, amd I don't want that AT ALLLLLLL, i want it to be like the og battlefront and give me next gen, hella fun gameplay

  7. I'm not happy for star wars battlefront right now because we have not seen any spoilers or hints that clone wars may be in the game

  8. I love all gaming companies . I just love how they work there ass off to give us what we like . EA has better servers than 2k , call of duty has good connection but 2k needs more better work on there servers

  9. Too much hype. 2015 was the year of Star Wars. Disappointing game. 5 out of 10
    The graphics were great though. Gameplay was shitty.

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