Sony Press Conference – E3 2015

Join us as we broadcast the Sony Press Conference from E3 2015!

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  1. You have arrived at the sony conference. Expect this comments:
    Sony won
    Xbox sucks dick
    PC is best
    I don't care, I like games
    etc. Please enjoy

  2. Sony won hands down shenmue 3, The last guardian and uncharted 4 I would encourage anybody thinking about buying an Xbox one go on Wikipedia and see the massive list of ps4 exclusives

  3. What is with people saying that "Sony 2015 will never be forgotten and forever memorable." And "Sony won hands down." I mean they released and revealed some good content but someone please explain to me how ANY of this makes it stand above the rest.

  4. OMFG. I decided that the music choice for BO3 multiplayer was quite poor, so I decided to put it to Darude-Sandstorm, and it fits perfectly.

  5. I don't know guys but this year xbox won……Xbox one is getting Forza 6 and where is Gran Turismo? Do we have a FPS to compete against Halo 5? Does Horizon is enough to compete with Gears of war 4? and UNCHARTED 4 is great but xbox got Tomb Raider (timed exclusive I know) but still they will get bored playing it and beating the game by the time playstation only owners get to play it. Where the fuck is the next God of War?

  6. Star wars Battlefront bah, I want my original Star Wars Battlefront back…. This new one is crap the whole point of SW BF was you where part of the empire..

  7. Post Conference expressions by the Gamespot crew

    Microsoft – MEH….
    Ubisoft – MEH…..
    EA – Hmm…Okay
    Bethesda – Hmm….Nice.
    Sony – WTF!?! I NEED A PS4 NOW!!!!!

  8. i see loads of comments why cant we all just be friends i mean I'm not a ps4 fan I'm an xbox dude but i have friends who cant shut up about how much better the ps4 is and I'm like why you talking about it i don't care then they still go on about it they just cant shut up and was it just me or the dude who spoke first did he sound out of breath or was that just me

  9. who cares about your scorpio xbox ,we need games that's what sony bring us every year + stuning graphics on the actual platform not even in ps neo

  10. I'm wish they revealed KOFXIV announcement teaser, gameplay reveal trailer, & gameplay demo at e3 2015 sony press conference.

    Note: The King Of Fighters XIV should release in June 22, 2016.

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