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Revealing The Story Of Halo 5's Campaign

Franchise development director Frank O’Connor and writer Brian Reed sat down with us and explained the inner struggles and backstories of our heroes and villains and the overall big picture of the upcoming chapter in the Halo saga.

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  1. I think we all will find out the reason master chief went A-Wall is that the Guardian reconstructed Cortana AI matrix, and chief is doing what he has to do, to get her back!!!

  2. I feel bad for those kids who never got to play the old halo when it came out because they will never have the same experience because when it came out it was so new now its in the past I know there's halo anniversary but its not the same as combat evolve the kids don't want to play on the old graphics they rather play on the new

  3. By July 2557, Black Team had been assigned to Installation 03.[12] On July 25, shortly after the Didact's attack on Ivanoff Station, Team Black was serving as security detail for a science camp in a desert on the Halo's surface. Unaware of the recent attack on Ivanoff, the Spartans were attempting to establish contact with the station when they noticed a large number of objects exiting slipspace and falling from the sky; one of the objects crashed nearby, prompting Black to investigate. The team made their way to the impact crater and discovered an unconscious Ur-Didact, who had been knocked into a slipspace rupture by John-117 during the New Phoenix Incident. Unaware of who the Didact was, Team Black speculated the arriving objects to be an invasion force, though one member questioned the efficacy of the invaders given the Didact's unresponsive state. However, the Didact suddenly awoke. Furious at the sight of more Spartans, the Didact deemed the humans' presence unacceptable and savagely killed Team Black along with the nearby scientists.[13]
    Following the loss of contact with Black Team as well as the scientists, Admiral Terrence Hood sent Blue Team to Installation 03 to investigate the disturbance. Upon their arrival the next day, Blue Team found all four members of Team Black dead and were attacked by Promethean constructs shortly after.[2]

  4. Holy Shit……Sullivan from Unto Dawn was the one that was killed in Hunt the truth!!! Makes sense with him hacking ONI in the show but I never made that connection!

  5. Sounds fun. I'm glad the XBox fans get to have such a great series! I myself ended up with a Wii-U this gen, but it's great knowing that we're still getting so many cool story ideas!

  6. So, no Cortana, no Flood, no Halo(ring)? Those three elements to me are what made the Halo franchise for me and without them I feel like I am out of place.

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