NBA 2K16 – Story is Everything

On these courts, the story is everything. What will your story be? Narrated by Spike Lee.

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  1. If the MyPlayers name really is Frequency Vibrations than I'm not playing it, ol' stupid ass name that's a fuckin science term

  2. What I want from MyCareer:
    A dynamic system where your rival is determined by close games against eachother, multiple playoff series head to head ect.
    Better voice acting from the players I'm glad they had them do the VA but they need to have more energy or sound more natural.
    Ceremony if I win MVP or Defesmive Player of the Yr ect.
    Ring Ceremony is really cool with the banner raising and everything but take it to the next level and give us what we've been asking for since like 2k11, a Ring Designer if we win a title that after you make the ring becomes like a normal jewelry accessorie you can equip to wear in press conferences and cut scenes. This is the main thing I want because actually getting to design a ring can increase the longevity of a mycareer play through. Right now after you win a title you have nothing to show for it so it feels empty.
    Option to change our jerseys whenever we want as long as we aren't trying to wear home jerseys on the road and vice versa.
    Return the option the talk to the GM about who we should pick up or let go of.
    Improve the graphic quality of the finals trophy and finals mvp trophy they look like plastic
    Scenes that actually make sense with what happens if I sweep KD in the Conference Finals he shouldn't show up after the game talking smack saying maybe next year kid lol

  3. i swear if i see anymore 7ft players with guard like skills im instantly selling this game. thats what made me stop playing 15 everyone was 7ft with guard and forward like skills but spike lee being on it is a positive to me

  4. 2k needs to step up, I'm talking tattoo maker, college gameplay, dynamic my park options, better hair, and more than anything realstic gameplay.

  5. Honestly don't care about story how about fixing the online servers. I don't play people online anymore becuase it's always super laggy.

  6. I hope they take off the green shot releases on 2K16 !.  It's so cheap and not fair smdfh, If they do have it then time to move on to NBA live 16, got no choice

  7. So, 2K has to:
    -Get more servers and fix them.
    -Reduce the occurrence of post-basket animations
    -Fix rebounding
    -Fix sliding and repulsion (basically movement) on defense
    -Revamp physics instead of relying on animations
    -Fix low post defense.
    -Reduce flopping
    -Fix the "baseline cheese"
    -Remove the ability to hit from half-court almost 75% of the time
    -Let height, weight, and build determine attribute caps for MyPlayer
    -have NO imaginary boundaries for out of bounds
    -lessen help defense
    -Remove "SQUADS" from Park.
    -improve All-star Weekend
    -Add all in game accessories to Create A Player and the MyPlayer.
    -Come up with a reason how park clothing can be VIRTUALLY SOLD OUT.

    There's more…. but I'll just stop for now.

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