Mad Max – Eye of the Storm E3 2015

Check out the Eye of the Storm E3 2015 trailer for Mad Max.

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  1. The most fitting Australian band for a good game based on one of the most creative Australian franchise experiences.

    A title significant enough that some are even choosing to make Metal Gear wait as they take their drive through the wasteland, and others garbing their wasteland experience well and true as they wait for Fallout 4.

  2. I feel bad my dad never got to see this trailer. He was a massive Mad Max fan and ACDC fan but he passed before this trailer came out. I did inherit his Max gear (The exact black leather jacket they used from the first film, same boots, he also had all the movie posters from when they first came out.) He even had a saying for when we were fixing old cars, he would say "Mad max that shit", and that folks is how I ended up with a Harley Davidson muffler on my first car.

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