How To Survive – Third Person Standalone Announcement Trailer

How to Survive Third Person Standalone brings an up close and personal experience to the zombie survival game!

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  1. The original game game sucked. The problem wasn't it's perspective, it was it's contents, so I don't see why release the same game with third person perspective.

  2. if you pickup the original game for $0.79 during the Summer Sale, you can pick this up for $2.99 if you want it. Having never played it, it's basically $3.79 for the entire 3rd person game.

  3. People saying the game looks like shit have very obviously not played the original How to Survive. It's a charming zombie survival game, with satisfying combat, a wonderful in depth crafting system, and charming characters. This a very modestly priced extension to the game, that will hopefully make the experience much more immersive.

  4. This game is getting as good as the Original but a bit harder its not Fallout 4 or Witcher 3 BUT it has some really damn high replay value!

  5. To many developers jumping on the survivalist/mine-craft bandwagon.
    we have had nothing but shit coming from these genres in the past few years.
    These games wouldn't even sell if they were released back in 2006 and they think it has a chance in 2015. Tisk tisk tisk

  6. I'm impressed that people are still investing (both sides) into a game that is …..the same as the last one? dah faq?

  7. so basically these greedy cumbags think its ok to instead of just allowing a camera switch option on the main game they can do the cam swap and sell it off as its own game? fuck you greedy dev this makes me regret buying the original even more then its shitty gameplay.

  8. Does Anyone know how me and a friend play multiplayer on this game? We bought it through steam and it says the game's multiplayer.

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