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Halo 5: Guardians Game Informer Coverage Trailer

Watch the trailer for Game Informer’s month of exclusive content for Halo 5: Guardians that can be found at

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  1. So excited for Halo 5, for the lore, the gameplay, the passion that has been put forth into creating this game, but also, this amazing practice with DLC that 343 has instilled that could shape gaming forever.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a golden opportunity, to push back a bullshit practice that has become the norm in gaming; worthless DLC.  343, whether they know it or not, could set forth a trend in gaming, Free DLC. It's not a new practice as games have done it in the past (Payday 2 comes to mind), but Halo is one of the only games with the ability to make a difference, as it has a large following and has a large voice. If we can support this game, as well as this practice, we can push back some of the greed filled scams taking over gaming. For example, why have so many games fallen into COD territory with their storytelling, game play, and overall feel? Because Call of Duty made a large sum of money and broke with their mechanics and business practices. Other developers see where the money is flowing and follow suit. That has caused stagnation in the FPS genre. Now, if you imagine Halo 5 out selling BLACK OPS 3 on the Xbox One at least, its fair to assume companies will look at Halo and begin configuring their business in a similar fashion. People, we can make a difference with our wallets. It wont happen immediately but if Halo can get to the top, and stay there, good things will come I assure you. 

    But this isnt just  only good for xbox or the halo brand, this is good for gaming in general; PS4, PC, etc. We can make it better for our fellow gamer just by buying a game we enjoy and agree with its business practices. Money talks and if we can do this, changes will happen. I'm just asking everyone as fellow gamers to at-least talk about this topic, support these practices where we see them and vote with your wallet. Im just some guy on the internet and im sure someone could articulate a better plan. But I believe this is a golden opportunity that I dont think we will get another chance.

     I will be spreading this around so I apologize if this is seen again.

    Thank you for reading.

  2. It's funny cus they are telling a story about a galactic civil war, yet in the halo game industry there is also a civil war. Some people think 343 ruined Halo, but,

    I believe 343 is taking Halo to the status it once had, a revolutionary game that will not only change Microsoft but first person shooters, and tell a story like no other. Cmon 343, show those bastards how to do a fuckin video game.

  3. It is time to end this once and for all. For Earth and all her colonies. Time to kick some human and Covenant ass.

  4. This may be one of the biggest 180s performed in gaming history. I personally have no problems with MCC (besides the size of updates), but it was a hot mess. It could easily be considered the worst game of 2014. Now Halo 5 is on track to being the biggest (in terms of hype) game release of 2015.

    343 might actually go from zero to hero.

  5. All hail Cap'n Reynolds!
    -er, I mean, Castle!
    -er, I mean, Buck the Badass!

    And those character models O.O

    Plus Spartan Locke, and all of Blue Team…

    By my beard, this game is gonna kick ass.

  6. When Halsey appeared in Halo Reach I thought that was big. Blue Team finally making an appearance in the games is something else… I welcome the return of Buck, but it would have been cooler if we got to see Dare again.

  7. This game will probably be the closest we will get to a Republic Commandos 2 anytime soon. Mixing one of the best Star Wars games of all time with one of the best game series and universes of all time, can't wait!!!!!

  8. Honestly really disappointing in the lack of split-screen coop. Been playing Halo with my family since Combat Evolved, and it really sucks I won't be able to continue doing this.

  9. How is Buck on the team but not Romeo, I refuse to believe they would be separated after all the shit that went down in the new book

  10. Im very confused. Are Halo 5's graphics more similar to what we saw in the multiplayer beta or the graphics being showcased on Bucks model….they seem like in two totally different ballparks.

  11. I'm really not.excited. it's sad because t this point in Halo 4's development, I was pulling my hair out and doing backflips.

    They said the exact same things and made the exact same promises for Halo 4, and look how that turned out.

  12. Buck has got to be one formidable Spartan 4.  Even without superhuman strength, advanced armor, and unbreakable bones he could hold his own against hordes of covenant soldiers.

  13. 343i fucked everything up again. Sure, as a longtime halo fan, the campaign seems interesting enough, especially with Blue Team. I almost thought about buying it along with a new XO. But they've decided to take away one of the very best things with which to enjoy this campaign: the ability to play split screen locally. How the fuck am I supposed to sit down and drink some beer and munch on doritos with friends while playing campaign?  The answer? I CAN'T. Not unless we have 1-3 ADDITIONAL XO's, Halo copies, Xbox Live accounts, and TVs just to play IN THE SAME FUCKING ROOM. It makes more sense if everyone just stays at their own damn home, at that point! What a disgusting marketing ploy. As someone who has shamelessly stood by 343i since they took over from Bungie, this is the last fucking straw. FUCK YOU 343i.

  14. I wonder who the villain is going to be. The options are Jul mdama, Ur, Precursors or some random vengeful forerunner like the didact(there are hints in the book they might not be as dead as we thought)

  15. Halo already has a winning formula: An emphasis on team oriented multiplayer and the custom game experience. 343 appears to be moving back to the former, but whether or not they can successfully revive the latter remains to been seen. Either way, this is a major breaking point. Having been a Halo fan for 8+ years, if Halo 5 doesn't provide the same immersive experience Halo 3 did (or at least come decently close to it), then I'll close the book on Halo and move on. I think 343 has done well given the context. However, to me, Halo 4 didn't pack the same zesty punch the Bungie games did. I want Halo to live on for many years, but I still want it to be Halo.

  16. Still not gonna buy a xbone or halo. Made a pc and damn am I happy. I forgot about halo and I'm playing battlefield, Minecraft and going to get star citizen which is better than halo

  17. Whoever designs the Armor in halo 4 and 5 needs to fuck off back to their anime drawings or whatever it is they did previously. The armor looks fucking horrendous, oh im just gonna change master chiefs armor because we want to make Halo into our own games and get rid of any Bungie influence. Also blue teams armor designs look fucking HORRIBLE. Why not just give them Mark V armor or something like they should instead of those stupid cartoon anime designs?

  18. "I dont want more back story on the chief"                                     Get. Over. It. This game will be great.

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