Gears of War 4 World Premiere Gameplay Demo – E3 2015 Microsoft Press Conference

Check out the world premiere demo for Gears 4 at the Microsoft press conference from E3 2015.

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  1. wow dude the saga is over, it technically ended at 3 it was obvious they were gonna go back in time on shitty judgement to rack money and u guys are worried about fps oh yea and why is the demos played by someone who cant play the game

  2. Im sorry but where the fuck is the blood like seriously everyone complaining about characters and crap but wheres the blood?! like seriously look at the part where he shotgunned the thing literally 0 blood even the chainsaw part you saw blood popping out but your screen had probably 5% of what was appearing to actually come out.

  3. "Gears of War 4 world premiere demo"
    Oh fuck off money grubbers, the Locust are dead!

  4. Please add some new variation in the gameplay pleasee .. I dont want to see gears4 is just like another gears game with new story and upgraded graphics ..

  5. I love gears, i have all the games and i cannot tell you how many hours i have played both gears 1 and 2. By the looks of this one though, i think im just going to dodge this one…. Where's Marcus brah!

  6. lol even a Ge Force 4 from 20 yrs ago can run games better looking than Gears 4 and 60 fps locked. pointless to own a bone since pretty much all "exclusives" are on their way to PC.

  7. Looks poor and nasty, Gears of War Judgement was an excellent follow on from GW3  this just looks sad and pants. I'll wait to see if GW5 is any better.

  8. the shit some of you people complain about is so petty its not even funny, its a game and good news to a diehard gears fan. I would most certainly give this game a good run.

  9. ok wtf like can some one tell what is happing with this new gears of war like where it takes place is marcus still there the whole gang infact  like I could not care any less about these new guys

  10. Gears of Charted: Drake's Redemption.

    Sorry but this new protagonist send like a buff Nathan Drake ripoff. Even the playful banter between the two characters. Not to say UC didn't initially borrow some gameplay mechanics from gears, but still.

  11. So, we're fighting the Host's satanic offspring? Interesting.

    For those of you who don't know, The Host is a Korean monster movie about a tadpole mutated by pollution; the titular monster looks exactly like the beasts in the demo.

  12. I really hope The Coalition doesn't fuck this up. Better be nothing like Gears Judgment, and the enemies better be interesting. Also, make sure multiplayer is Gears vs Locust again, or at least Gears vs whatever the new enemies are.

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