Dreams Gameplay Trailer – E3 2015 Sony Press Conference

Check out the brand new game about the stories we create in our dreams.

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  1. While designing this game did no one stop and think "This game could single handedly put hundreds of thousands of people out of work by making their job as easy as waving a dualshock 4 around."

  2. So my question is…what is the ESRB rating gonna be?  Cos literally ANYTHING can happen.  This is some original idea for sure. And is this really a game? It feels more like a software or something. Oh well, let's just wait for more.

  3. While it looks pretty cool and interesting you just know one of the first things most people are going to make are dicks…also that baby polar bear at 3:36 is so adorably cute, someone make a gif of that already.

  4. looks interesting…  but how the fuck are you supposed to control all of that!? at the beginning the guy did the thing with that one head, but how are you supposed to make big action sequences like that chase one

  5. this is insane.  I suck at art and don't like it much but even I can see myself getting into this. recreating some sci fi action stuff

  6. This is what gaming needs. Innovation, difference, exploration into something unique and beautiful that other people are not doing. This game looks beautiful, and to people like me who have been playing games for an extremely long time it is a breath of fresh air. I'm so glad original IP's can still be made that are original and incredibly innovative.

  7. Ok so I get you can draw/animate your dreams, but what happens after that? Is it just a series of short sketches? I fail to grasp the concept of any actual gameplay in this game demonstration. Also, who is going to regulate what gets added? If its truly a community based thing, its gonna be so filled with "adult content" its gonna have to be rated M, when it looks like there going for an E.

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