Bethesda Press Conference – E3 2015

Join us as we broadcast the Bethesda Press Conference from E3 2015!

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  1. Bethesda marketing show, not press conference. that is the case of e3 in general. Marketing tactic rather. cheap marketing tactic, that adverties gaming is all about great graphics and other gaming peripherals, that you need to buy.

  2. Doom has been dead since the 1st one. That was the most boring FPS play-through I've ever seen. The only imaginative part was the dead sliding hand on the console. Other than that the cameo of the shotty and chainsaw was pretty cool.

  3. Omfg DOOM!!! i was never big on the original and didn't play 3 but this makes me wanna get doom 3 play that and i am definitely getting the new DOOM , Same with Wolfenstein i dont like the original but i like the one on 360 and looove the New Order on xbox one : )

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