Arma III Tanoa Reveal Trailer – E3 2015

Check out the E3 2015 Tanoa Reveal for Arma III.

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  1. For all of you complaining about ArmA's optimization, you have to keep in mind this game is a full-blown simulator. Every bullet, every movement a vehicle makes, every movement a character makes has to be perfectly synced between all clients.

    Considering the scale and depth of the simulation in ArmA – it's an amazingly well optimized game(apart from some odd GPU usages on some cards).

    But the reason for most complaints about FPS is the way their simulation works. It's done server-side. That's why a "fresh" server will have a nice smooth FPS, but become worse as time goes on. More people join, more stuff spawn, more stuff is happening, more stuff has to be synced between all clients – the server becomes overloaded and has to lower the FPS to keep up.

    The reason the FPS is controlled by the server is to keep the simulation (somewhat) equal to all players. Of course if the client's PC isn't powerful enough you'll still get low FPS and be at a significant disadvantage.

    Technically if you have a decent server, you can play a big mission just fine – with loads of AI and vehicles. But the way it's designed, it'll start to slow down over time. That's why a mission restart will make things a bit smoother, but most of the time a full server restart is the best way to go.

    Really people should think twice before they complain about ArmA 3 being unoptimized. For crying out loud, the amount of calculations needed to be done for just one bullet is ridiculous. And then synced between all players? One bullet probably has as many calculations needed as an entire match in Call of Duty.

  2. I am pretty sure they are not going to ruin this. This trailer looks way more like VBS3 to me which's engine is by the way better than the one ArmA 3 is using. I assume Bohemia is getting rid of their old ArmA Engine and now revamps the ArmA Franchise with a "new" and more up-to-date engine which (I am pretty sure) will be based of VBS3's engine.

  3. Unless they further optimize the game, as well as make MASSIVE improvements to the A.I. so they can't see you from 4 miles away even though you're in a tree with a Gillie suit on, I can't see this being anything but a multiplayer map.

  4. My personal opinion is that Arma 3 had initial trouble because of Bohemia's legal trouble. I think this expansion will show what Arma 3 was supposed to be.

  5. 2:04 AM 6/1/2016  Is it suppose to be the Pacific Islands?  Did you pick Tonga but with Samoan culture?  I don't know I didn't read into APEX DLC.  Im messing around with with the Wipeout (A10?) right now.  Did you guys at BI mess with the dropping bombs characteristics too?  Bombs are not landing where I want them now and I also noticed the Wipeout doesn't turn right after the update came out.  Its there but I don't use the bombing crosshair but good to have Im still messing with it.  I do better going off experience than the bombing crosshair.

  6. 2:08 AM 6/1/2016  If you guys do a LIVE interview why did you pick the Pacific Islands for the next DLC?  😉  Yeah add dinosaurs for shits and giggles.  I will be waiting for a Jurassic World mod.

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