All You Need to Know! – GameSpot at E3 2015

Not sure when to watch this year’s E3? Check out GameSpot’s guide on how and when to tune in for all of your E3 2015 coverage.

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  1. Crackdown premiere gameplay/date
    Mass Effect 4 and Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy announcement/date
    Scalebound gameplay/date
    Batman:Arkham Collection announcement/date
    Battlefront gameplay
    Visceral's Star Wars gameplay/date
    Just Cause 3 gameplay/date
    Injustice 2 reveal trailer
    Lego Avatar: The Last Airbender reveal trailer!!

    Those are my E3 hopes and dreams, what are yours?!

  2. Was always more of an IGN guy, until the Kinda Funny guys left.. Then I started watching GameSpot alot more and I love their livestreams and shows, way more laid back than IGN.

    Also they hold their own opinion without having to justify it over every others pov's, all the time, in every discussion video…
    IGN, it's okay to not like every game that releases and has any kind of success!

    Glad they are streaming on youtube this year.
    The video player on their website isn't always so smooth on their livestreams, while youtube livestreams usually go problem free for me.

    Was worried that Kinda Funny was going to have their own stream thing, good to know it's a trade-off between them.

  3. They're teaming up together to bring us more coverage AND Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler are also going to be there. A blast from the past with a mix of regular coverage and hilarious reactions from the Kinda Funny crew with exclusive interviews thrown into the mix, shits going to be off the chain.

  4. Serious question: All I can find when I look up E3 2015 on Google is "June 16-18", but every video I watch from a company that's streaming it says that it starts at 9~PM Eastern time TODAY? Is that right? Is it starting today?

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