Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma – Official Reveal Trailer

Check out the first official trailer from manga inspired action game Afro Samurai 2 by Redacted Studios. Starting where the original Afro Samurai story left off, follow the path of Kuma on his quest for bloody revenge as he hunts down Afro to make him pay for the death for all those he…

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  1. aaaaaw man… that's so fcking good. I'm still waiting for another movie/anime, the atmosphere in it was so unique.. hard to describe. I'm hoping to feel the same way when game comes out

  2. Why do people release video game trailers with no gameplay footage? Lets release a demo for a song but only have pictures or let's release a trailer for a movie and only have sound!

  3. they have showed justice and their are making 3 Afro samurai 2 games so volume three of afro samurai 2 the final mission justice might try to kill afro but kuma might team up and face justice but who knows it just a theory

  4. God damn, I was so massively hyped for this game, such an absolute blunder. Thank fuck for Furi, aka the true spiritual successor to Afro Samurai (every boss in the game was actually designed by Afro Samurai's creator.) Furi is definitely indie GOTY for me, and the most pleasantly surprised I've been by a game ever.

  5. At least the developers took it off the store and apologized for its abismal state, hope it eventually gets a straight up remake and becomes the game it should have been.

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