4 Awesome New Things In Batman: Arkham Knight – In 2 Minutes

Someone finally let Lucy play Batman: Arkham Knight. In this week’s In 2 Minutes, she lays down the four coolest additions to the Caped Crusader’s gameplay arsenal.

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  1. I hope the riddler challenges that are timed aren't worth smashing a controller over, I do terribly under pressure and it will take AGES to get a full riddler guide on the internet

  2. Anyone know if I will have to have played Arkham asylum and arkham city in order to understand and enjoy this one?

  3. So are you able to switch to nightwing, robin or cat woman in freeplay? I get how the duel play is cool, but tbh, im getting tired of just being able to freely roam the city as only batman and catwoman in arkham city. Are you able to actually play as nightwing or robin? I dont care if ppl like this duel play shit, i wanna know if we finally get to go around gotham as nightwing or robin. Fans have been asking for years, and we still havent rlly got what we want. I aint talking stupid challenge maps, i aint talking specific nightwing and robin side missions, im talking about freeroaming with them. Can we do that?

  4. This game sucks, its not open world, rocksteady suCks, No batwing, batbike, bat boat, or bat mobile. That piece of crap is not the bat mobile. let rockstar take it from here… It gets a 3 out of 10….. And yes that new suit sucks

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