Women Coming to FIFA 16 & New Xbox One Controller Leaked – GS Daily News

Check out what games are coming to Xbox in June for Games With Gold, Microsoft may have let an E3 secret slip early, The Witcher 3 is out but the awesome trailers just keep on coming, and our intern desperately tries to avoid Mary’s wrath.

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  1. People are mad over women being introduced to FIFA, because they think that this will mean that there will be no other improvements to the game.

    However I didn't see no one criticizing EA when they introduced the most useless purple Hero cards on Ultimate Team, which was basically a way of people putting more money unto EA's greedy pockets, since the majority of these Hero cards were not good at all (some players were not even better than Silver players).
    But it sure made everyone lose their mind trying to get these cards which are basically silver and bronze cards, with a different color.

  2. Jess is just plain boring, at least Mary is bringing ideas to the table. The format has been relatively the same for a long while. I comend Mary for trying something new, I also sympathize with the need to give a good impression considering her short run hosting the segment. Give her something at the very least. She has a lot more promise than what she is currently being given in my opinion.

  3. Xbox fanboys are just getting Just Cause 2 with their subscription?!
    Playstation Plus offered that in 2012 around the same time.
    They also offered Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider 2013 at the beginning of 2014.
    Way to keep up Microsoft!

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