Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Review

Does a return to where it all began make for a great standalone DLC? Check out our review to find out.

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  1. Great game. Started on Uber right off that bat. It's one of those games where you can start the game on the hardest difficulty and the game is clearly designed to work with it. Farcry 2 on Hard is either broken or I just really suck. But this, Halo, hell yeah. Not sure about Doom 2016, have not tried on Nightmare yet. Anywho, great remake for a lot of reasons. I see elements of Return of Castle Wolfenstein, references to Wolf3D (many used to great humor), and a great mix of level design that really changes how you play depending on the enemy. Soldier AI reminds me of Half Life 2 with the strafing, cover, grenades, and obstacle hopping. It's a real gem! If you're a collector/completionist/master the game kinda guy, give it a shot!

  2. The one thing i like about the series is the software developers didnt give up on single player campaign like many of the franchises have and only focus on multiplayer, when not all gamers play online. They still focus heavily on creativity and story no matter how different or bizzaire it may be. I like the alternate history plot it.

  3. I found the first part of the game rather dry slow and repetitive. Constantly sneaking around.. encouraged to find and kill commanders to stop enemy reinforcements changes the medium in which simple tactical thinking in open combat enriched the new order. Made me wanna fall asleep in some parts where in the 1st game I was excited to face down enemies using strategy and thought.

  4. Played tee new order in uber and got all 100% achievements on steam, played the old blood, added an extra 15 hours for a dlc?!, fc3 blood dragon was 5 hours to complete 100%, saints row gat outta hell was only 4 hours to get 97% (I can't 100% because of a glitch) and I haven't 100% this game yet but I've got 15 hours on it

  5. "Excellent stealth", HAHA. This game is a disaster, there wasn't a thing that was enjoyable about it and the stealth is so fucking bad, it's unbelievable, I don't know why did they even bother to put it in the game. It's like this game tried to do 10 different things at once and failed at every single aspect of it. So cliche and tiring to see the main character getting knocked out every 5 minutes, waking up in some inescapable place and then effortlesly escaping cause why the fuck not.

  6. If Ima keep it real, nothing beats Wolfenstein 2009. The opening sequence at the train station is just perfect and enticing. You get into killing Nazis right away

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