Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Launch Trailer

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the standalone prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order, is available today on PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam.

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  1. Wait so it said before the new order was the old blood so does this mean this game was set in WW2

  2. I’m confused. Is this the first game of a trilogy? Or is it DLC from The New Order. Because I’m playing the series for the first time and I started with this. I thought it was terrific and then everyone turned into zombies. I thought “Wait, this isn’t a nazi zombie series is it?” I’m so confused.

  3. A perfect game for those who liked the feel and mechanics of the New Order yet were wanting to see something akin to the more classic Wolfenstein games. Playing it right now and I love it

  4. I’m sure everyone here has played this game already. I played it recently for the first time and have put up the gameplay on my channel! So if you’re interested please do check it out and show some love!
    Would appreciate a lot!

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