Why Do We Feel Sad When We Finish Games? – Reality Check

In Cam’s final episode of Reality Check, he investigates why we get sad when we complete games with characters we like.

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  1. the depression kicks in when you feel that youre halfway through the game then you stop playing it just to prolong the story then you never finish it for the rest of your life

  2. Just finished Cyberpunk, feel bittersweet about it. Wanted the story to keep going, but I got a great ending so I should be happy about it. Happened when I played The Witcher 3 and some other games as well.

  3. Games that left me depressed after I finished them:
    – Far cry 3
    – Hotline Miami
    – Fallout 3
    – Uncharted 4
    – Assassin's creed 3
    – Gta IV
    – LA Noire

  4. Final Fantasy XV, Red dead redemption 2, The Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn brought me here.
    That empty feeling when you feel like you’ve already served your purpose in the game that you seek out a new purpose in life. After finishing The Witcher 3, my heart is like the halls of Kaer Morhen. Empty and quiet.

  5. I’m just about to platinum Skyrim was feeling sad, now I’m sad this guy isn’t apart of this channel( anymore just found it) stones of bullshit

  6. i've already finished bioshock but haven't played 2 and infinite, yet i feel so depressed and i cry for jack and the "La mer" song months ago, now i finished infinite and i felt the same thing. I cried for Booker and Liz and for the "After You've Gone" song. Such good games <<33

  7. This has nothing to do with gaming, but like is it just me or when you finish a series you absolutely love and you finish it, you feel so empty, sad and unmotivated? Like you want it to go on forever and there's nothing like it, so you watch loads of other series and it doesn't feel the same..

  8. I finished Mass Effect 1 and just felt empty inside after the game ended. I know there's 2 and 3 to play through but they don't feel the same

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