What Lies Beyond 1080p/60

We put 4K gaming to the test in this video looking at what lies beyond 1080p60. How does The Witcher 3, GTA V, Far Cry4, and more all look running at 3840×2160.

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  1. i never played games on a PC, but that 4k is godly. I might start saving up for a high quailty PC. My only question is can you still play using a controller or no ? I guess im just so comfortable usinga controller. Someone with experience please repond.

  2. I don't have a 4k TV yet but damnn I viewed this on my new Samsung s6 edge plus n YouTube 4k and damnnnn this makes me want to re-download farcry lol. 4k is the future its just still so early

  3. I played the witcher 3 in 4K with my ps4 and it was a world of a difference. Had to leave the tv in Oregon :/ but when I get another 4K in Germany Ima hook up my desktop and get the witcher for pc just because

  4. I have a PS4, after i buy a Curved Ultra HD TV (with PC Mod, 100hz Panal) and a Dolby Atmos 9.1 Soundsystem i was not anymore happy with my Playstation. 1080p looks good but the UHD haves more Power to show, i was look at 4K Screenshots on that 55" IPS and i really like to play in 4K. I think gaming on a consol with real 4k gaming is coming out, but i cant wait 5-10 years to play in 4K! so i build a PC with help (friend is IT Student) and we build a 2.200,-€ Highperfomance PC, now i can play Games in [email protected] with Very High Setting, looks great but the Price is too high at time. 4K gaming is the future, but at time i think its just for really hardcore gaming fans or rich people. But now i can play my games some years in best quality. If you like to know the PC Parts: MSI GTX 980 Ti, i7 5820K, 16GB DDR4, Hyper X SSD, ASRock x99M Killer, H80i GT, Power Zone 650W CM, Lian Li PC V359 WX and some smaller Parts. Now you can pay and play, or wait, my last PC i was build for 10 years ago, since that i play on consols, but now i am back on PC Master Race because of 4K Ultra HD, in my eyes the best Way to play games is [email protected] (Hz) with HDMI 2.0 and 7.1 (9.1 Atmos) Sound.

  5. Not going to disagree. 2160p looks amazing, but its definitely not cost effective. Referencing the Funhaus guys, when you're REALLY into a game, you don't notice resolution. Refresh rate however, OHH man. I've owned the Acer Predator monitor since it was released and REALLY got to experience 1440p 144hz in its full glory. There is nothing like gaming at 144hz. Everything feels so fluid. Something console gamers MUST try out before they criticize master race pc gaming.

  6. I've picked up a 4K monitor over a 1440p monitor simply because 1440p seems like a temporary step along the way, meaning sooner or later 4K will become the norm and I'll have to buy another new monitor. Similar to how we had 720p replaced by 1080p.

  7. Depends on what people like there, i have both at my home, and i can tell you i prefer at 200%, more resolution, detail, then fast frame rate, that just make the game look to run smoother.
    Why i think i depends on people, it's also because it depends on what game you play the most, FPS game is so fast, that you don't see, or have time to see details, with high frame rate, it make the game smoother on fast moving game, but for RPG and game that are slower, you have time to see and look at all those details…
    But for me 4K even a 60HZ on fast FPS game is good, i prefer details then smoothness… But the best of both world would be, 4K at 144Hz ho my yess hehehe just imagine the horsepower that it needs to run this hahaah

  8. I havent tried 4k, but I have tried 108p 144hz. The only game I care about with 144hz is cs go. Anything else I dont really care and it doesnt affect how I play. So if you want to play competetive games, then go for the 144hz, but if you like other stuff like bf4, battlefront go for the 4k. Ive also heard that running 1440p 144hz is harder than 4k 60. Also just think of the new games coming out. They are leaning toward graphical fidelity. Games like that are more enjoyable in 4k imo.

  9. It sounds like you did not know how to adjust AA and v-sync to accommodate 4K. 4K 60FPS vs 2K 120-144FPS is a clean win for 4K. Having seen both, 4K is more attainable, and because they tested on a SLI system, 4K gaming is going to have massive v-sync issues. Running a single GPU like a GeForce 1070/1080 will give you much cleaner results than an SLI setup even if the FPS is similar. These guys really don't know how to test GPUs as much as they know how to look pretty at a camera. I cannot stress enough how tainted these results are due to SLI. This is a trash comparison.

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