Total War: Arena – Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Take a look at some new alpha gameplay footage of Total War: Arena.

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  1. Can you pause time in the total war games? I'd really like to try them but I'm not super keen on complete real time.

  2. Can you select any warriors you want from the total war period? Pike shogun 2 units and fighting a war against a player playing as the Spartans? That's the only way this would be interesting for me

  3. Part of the Alpha testers and all I can really say is; take the overworld map portion out of the game. So what's left are the real time battles. Now take away the ability to pause and fast forward. Now take away some cool animations and give the graphics a downgrade. Add pay2win, add a considerable amount of players leading small forces and eternal chaos.

    That is Total War Arena.

  4. I have a very high end computer and every total war online game despite my fast internet is a lag fest. Worst idea they have had so far. Rome 2 is the last creative assembly game I buy.

  5. How is this a gameplay trailer? It's just ingame engine stuff. It doesn't show anything related to actual gameplay and how it'll play.

  6. So far the game is amazing, but the gold prices and the extra "premium units" remain to be seen, so far the money model is rather close to world of tanks, but hell.

    its still in alpha, they might aswell do any possible changes to the game so who knows

  7. Devs say that you unlock stuff as you level up and through purchases you can level up faster. Depending on how long it takes to level up, this might be the correct choice for the game. A game like this would probably suffer from empty lobbies unless it was free.

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