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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the ninth game in GameSpot history to receive a ten. We invited reviewer Kevin VanOrd onto the show to answer your lingering questions about this wonderful game.

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  1. Ahahaha, try watching for the guy on the left. When interviewer says something he react often. Suddenly you see how little interested they are in what he says hahaha.


    Watch from 10:36 to get the full context.

    11:00 we get this sequence:
    Interviewee: "You watch her gets sentence to death, She's sentences to starve.. "
    Interviewer: "Ooh"
    Interviewee: " .. by getting tied up on an island."
    Interviewer: "Fun."
    Now look on the guys on the lefts face… ROFL

    Again its a good sequence at 11:17 where the interviewee looks at the guy on the left, then check the reaction, and then when he looks away again you can see the guy on the left surpressing a yawn.

  2. I never played either of the previous games, and it's been a long time since I last played an RPG that kept my interest more than a few hours. In fact, in the last 10 years, unless a game was called "The Binding of Isaac" or "Civilization", I've barely played it. But this game was being so highly praised, I decided to give it a try.

    40 or so hours later…

    This game is the SHIT!! THIS is how you make a AAA game people! For what seems like the first time , a game actually is as good as people keep saying it is. I'm actually looking forward to finishing the game, just so I can play it again and see what I missed.

  3. Well, about the combat/learning curve I have to disagree. I started playing on the highest difficulty, only to get my ass served by the ghouls you fight alongside Vesemir on the first 5 mins of the game lol – I must have had to retry this fight at least four times; then, it was only getting worse: fighting wraiths and nekkers was (and still is, tbh) a pain. Eventually, things do start to get easier once you get access to better gear and perks – but that's about level 15 or so.

  4. so does ciri die or something cus when he said that her segments are in flashback and then the other guy said no spoilers it kinda makes it seem like something happens with ciri. THANKS GAMESPOT YOU JUST RUINED THE FUCKING GAME FOR ME

  5. what i like is that it isn't punishing like a souls game but it is challenging. You will die if you're level 1 and you pick a fight with a pack of level 5 wolves, unless you run around a huge area and manipulate the battlefield.

  6. I absolutely don't agree with the bearded guy's opinion on the Witcher 2's ending. (The ending, not the whole Chapter 3, which did feel kind of rushed and too short). I think the ending was fantastic: not oversimplified in some protagonist v villain grand battle. It was in all shades of gray. You could have your final battle if you wanted to, but the game twisted it so much it was not that obvious anymore. Letho waited for you, he did not run. He was repeating, that he considers you his friend and his intention was never go cross you, it just happened with the flow of the world. I loved that.

  7. I don't know about anyone else but the first play through of Witcher 3 for me took all summer. while I started my second play through not even 1 month ago and I'm already past 90% of the story.

  8. Pretty much every single review mentions the chained girl, which makes me believe it's not something you could easily miss but still put there for immersion. Rather a well executed scene you really can't miss, but presented in a way that makes you believe it's just another amazing feature. Which is quite impressive in its own way.

  9. I know I’m super late but I just got the game and it has by far exceed my expectations nothing compares where it got me is how the stories enter twine I was helping the bloody Baron and I figured forget it I helped him enough So I did the quest for the lady in the woods and I ended up finding Anna the barons wife that blew my mind when It had nothing to do with his quest that I know of

  10. Witcher 3 was my second RPG. First was skyrim. I am glad to say Witcher is an absolute treat. Even if it is not genre I strongly suggest you play it.

  11. Kevin was the man with reviews, even when I didnt agree with him. Would be cool if he did his own youtube channel with game reviews.

  12. Wow, like the Obama years, that game was way overrated. Turns out, Fallout 4 might have been the best game of 2015, and that isn't saying much. I guess you have to ignore the critics/fangirls and keep your eyes out for games like Days Gone!

  13. This game is vastly overrated.the movement is clunky.combat is slow,game decides when you are in combat.there is slight delay between key press and player movement..i don't know how they could give it 10/10..

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