The Executioner DLC Trailer – The Evil Within

The Evil Within’s final expansion, The Executioner, puts you in the somewhat horrifying shoes of The Keeper.

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  1. Kinda funny that the DLCs are way better than the main game ^^ I wish those were all standalone DLCs, I deffinately would enjoy 'em. But the main game sucks ass, like for real. What a damn shame…

  2. People who havent played this game dont know the story so this makes no sense to them lol. Play the game people. Its not super bad I actually enjoyed most of it

  3. Took em that long to make a dlc? Game was horrible if you ask me, the matches, that was extra, nothing compared to resident evil, resident evil 4 is my all time favorite

  4. Cant reply to those who replied to me. Sry im on my phone and it sucks. Everything thats goin on in this game is because its all happening inside that dudes mind. All those fucked up creatures and crazy stuff is in his mind and you are walking through it all. Its not supposed to make sense lol. The Evil Within the mind. Its weird ass story but all in all i enjoyed most of it. For ppl saying it wasnt a challenge try beating the game without upgrading. Its hard as fuck

  5. you know this really is an ingenious idea: you always play as a lone survivor trying to survive a horror movie, but you never play as the monster in a horror movie (not counting things like slaughterhouse or anything either, it needs to be the very monsters YOURE fighting)!

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