The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – Freedom and Choice Trailer

Forge your own legend as you jump into the world of Tamriel with The Elder Scrolls Online.

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  1. This game is soo boring… Probably because I always play alone. I heard its fun playing with friends but just one thing, I DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS😞😞😞

  2. "Unparalleled social experiences" my ass.
    In fact, what social experiences? Because the only social experiences I have had with this game on PS4 is outside of the application using PSN.

    This game doesn't even have a text chat on console because the development team has an ignorant and condescending opinion of the console community, which has resulted in the dumbing down of the game in many aspects. If you are expecting a social utopia, or any means of social interaction without a microphone, then you will need to look elsewhere for an MMO that has been thoughtfully designed and comprises of the appropriate resources to facilitate social interaction.

    This is one of the most unsocial MMOs on console right now since the quick chat options are so pathetically unspecific and restricted, they are a complete and utter waste of time assigning them to emote slots, proximity chat is so irritating, if you play with it on, you are sacrificing any chances of immersion this game offers and degrading your experience. You have to either group up and mic up regardless of how convenient that might be or you have to exit the application window to use the messaging through PSN or XBL.

    It's a great game, but if you want the full version, buy it on PC, because on console, you have been sold a heavily restricted version of the PC game. You are being advertised something entirely different to what you are being given. It's the best MMO on consoles right now, but please do not listen to any of the bullshit that has been regurgitated in the trailers if you are considering buying the game. The development team are exploiting you.

  3. This is my dads account but cant wait to get this on my birthday on august 31 man im super duper excited this looks like the best game in the world

  4. If people actually played the game instead of just copying the opinion of pcgamer and thinking they're cool, that would be great.

  5. im about to getting this game , im gw 2 player but gw start to rly annoying me with that skins bassed system i just wonder is there alot ppl playing ESO and is the EU servers ? thks

  6. How is this game? I heard it was shit so I didn't buy it, but recently I've been hearing more and more people say that it turned around and is now fairly decent.

  7. I thought it was terrible because angry Joe but I checked it out and it is fairly good I play it a lot now so I guess don't trust all reviews

  8. The best online rpg i have ever played. Yes, it's a bit different from other MMO's. But it does so much better as most of this games. Awesome quests with interesting storys behind them (yes, you have to listen a bit to the NPC's in this game, if you skip all text you see, it's your own fault, if you think the quests and story is boring), a living world with so much details, the world is changing, you see the consequences of you choices! And you have a good working stealth system in this game. It's so funny to steal things from someone and get paid for that stuff! And if you get caught, you will also feel the consequences! This 3 things are so good and the most MMO's have boring quest, a static world and you can't steal! This is what i love about ESO. And why i think this game is the best online rpg i have played. It's really good, you should buy it. There are no monthly subscription anymore, so it's worth the money. Don't trust the haters, they most likely didn't play it or they still thinks this game is 15$/ month. It's not. Good job Zenimax 🙂

  9. ESO is still a pretty fun game even today…just be warned if your a console player…and i suppose this applies to PC as well…but the game takes up almost 100gb worth of data now a days

  10. Im kinda interested in buying this, but i have a few questions, how much is the update file download size? I heard the game is around a hundred gb but since im buying this on ps4, how much is the update file and how much is already in the disk?

  11. This game is honestly amazing now. Each section of the map has hours worth of content (excluding the small island starting zones for each faction like Bleackrock Isle, Kenarthi’s Roost, and Stros M’Kai). They all have quests that are either small or massive and intriguing mixed with dungeons, pvp being improved, and tons of dlc that just adds more to the game and more dlc still coming. At launch, ESO was like a 5/10 but now it’s an 8 or 9. Although a stupid mistake they made was allowing you to play as any race in any alliance if you bought the Adventure Pack. It breaks the lore. And this is coming from someone who’s a Nord in the Daggerfall Covenant XD.

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