The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – Exploring Tamriel

Exploring Tamriel, highlights the game’s expansive world in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

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  1. Anyone got a rough idea what the matchmaking/grouping system will be like for the console versions of this game? Just want to know how tedious and laborious the game could potentially be. How easy is it to join groups/guilds/factions with others and then complete challenges/quests/missions together?

  2. It's a pain in the ass that this game isn't up for PS3 and 360 otherwise I would have pre-ordered my copy. I played the beta on PC and it wasn't too bad (though admittedly I didn't get to play much because I was usually busy when they opened up gameplay) but I definitely would love to play this game on console since I loathe using PC controls and my laptop is crap.

  3. This game is really awesome it really is but does anyone else think that it is really hard mostly when traveling out or is it just me?

  4. one thing I don't like about the world (well at least part of the daggerfall covenant) is that its really crowded at times, like its full of paths, these rocks that block you (so you have to go around them), towns, and all of that, the only thing it does better than skyrim is that there are more types of land, but still

  5. The best online rpg i have ever played. Yes, it's a bit different from other MMO's. But it does so much better as most of this games. Awesome quests with interesting storys behind them (yes, you have to listen a bit to the NPC's in this game, if you skip all text you see, it's your own fault, if you think the quests and story is boring), a living world with so much details, the world is changing, you see the consequences of you choices! And you have a good working stealth system in this game. It's so funny to steal things from someone and get paid for that stuff! And if you get caught, you will also feel the consequences! This 3 things are so good and the most MMO's have boring quest, a static world and you can't steal! This is what i love about ESO. And why i think this game is the best online rpg i have played. It's really good, you should buy it. There are no monthly subscription anymore, so it's worth the money. Don't trust the haters, they most likely didn't play it or they still thinks this game is 15$/ month. It's not. Good job Zenimax 🙂

  6. they need to add skyrim to elder scrolls online tamerial and put all the mission on there and add dawnguard. and change the werewolf

  7. In my opinion this one of the best roleplaying games of Elder Scrolls Say like your character lives in Elwsyer then your character can travel to its birth place!

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