How Is The Witcher 3 So Huge? – Reality Check

Impressed by the minimal number of loading screens in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Lucy investigates how games developers use tech and brain smarts to make open-world games.

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  1. Came here to hear about indepth tech and all I hear is general "technology is the answer!" This was a fantastic opportunity to teach your audience about physically based rendering and how it works, but instead this video is…eh.

  2. "… Radovids Realms , dont you mean? Temeria and Aedirn are no more" -Geralt in first 20mins of the game
    "But just how big is the land of temeria" – Gamespot – Reality Check

  3. But..the WItcher 3 does have many loading screens and isn't open world. I.e. if you travel to other parts of the map, you just showed Velen and Novigrad which is one map. All the other places in the game, albeit a bit smaller, are separated with loading screens.

  4. Im NOT sexist, I swear I respect women and female gamers.. But It annoys me when you get some random cute girl to narrate videos, it DOESNT enhance the viewing experience in anyway. Sorry but EVERY CHANNEL is doin this now.. WtF.

  5. True, witcher 3 doesn't have loading screens when you are traveling on the same map but it has a 2 minute loading screen when you die or when you want to change the location(for example traveling from Noivgrad to Skellige) and a 10-20 second loading screen when you are fast traveling on the same map.

  6. I agree this is my favorite open world game, but saying there is no loading is not true, fast traveling takes about a minute to go to different area. I know your talking about a different type of loading screen though.

  7. Be interesting to know if it's more than just the size of the world and detail that is improved in current gen. The npc behavior, mission structure and overall gameplay in most open world games is still the same as it has been since last gen.

  8. And this….ladies and gentlemen, one of the explicit explanation between wide environtment scenario based setting with the real open world setting in the gaming industry. Many developers cheated consumers with the name "open world" but neglected many aspects to call them as one, read a dictionary o mighty Naughty Dog! You called TLOU an open world zomapoc game? Single objective, chapter separation, no spawn system for aggresive npc aka enemies, no mission's alternative of choices, no side quest, no spesific interactions on surroundings that trigger an event, and yet dare to say that that game was an open world zomapoc? Really? If yes, would you PLEASE enlighten me for your definition of an "OPEN WORLD". Bunch of liars

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