F1 2015 – Teaser Trailer

Check out the teaser trailer for F1 2015.

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  1. Got to love the idea of interviews and the idea of the whole "formula one experience", but for fuck sakes fix the main racing problems like the physics engine, the AI and etc

  2. If there isn't a physical copy for any version (in my case being the xbox one) in the US then im not buying it,sorry but 60$ for a digital copy is bullshit,if it was like $30-$40 then id be ok with that for the for the digital copies.

  3. Copy and paste every year just like fifa,madden,pro evo,nba 2k etc… so no thanks keep it codemaster and make it the right way.For example f1 from 70's,80's 90's and more because and don't see innovation just the same ''cookie cuter/piggy bank/anual cash in''.

  4. Is it just me or has the f1 games been getting worse and worse each year ….. I still prefer to play f12010 to f12014 …. Oh yeah f12015 looks exactly the same to last year except the cars

  5. All the F1 games are complete shit! I can't remember the last time a played one that was a true simulation game. They're all arcade rubbish.

  6. Not sure to buy f1 2015 or not.. i mean without career mode seems less exciting.. been playing career mode all of f1 series but now is gone.. yes they replace it with pro season where all assist and hud etc are disabled but it seems the game are for gamers playing with steering wheel rather then with controller..

  7. Shitty engine sounds, physics, damage system really suck, totally stupid and passive AI, no F1 experience/feeling as interviews, paddock etc. When the race ends – why the hell you can't drive to the pit, stop your car, turn off the engine? Before the race – why you can't drive and set up on starting position? Completely too colorful, unrealistic graphic, cars and not only looks more like toys than real cars. You should be able to switch on/off the engine, drive with damaged car like in real F1. Make it more realistic, allow players to drive out of the garage etc. Why there is no formation lap? We should see engineers on start straight next to the cars, keeping tires warm before formation lap. Where the hell is press conference? Why are you cutting off, what was already good instead of improving it to be much better?

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